Loki for some reason was in my house. “OMG! I am so lucky!” I thought.
“Don’t get so shocked, it’s no big deal,” he replied.

“Wait a second , but I didn’t say anything to you?! How did you know?”

“Ever heard of telepathy? ” , he said and gave me a cheeky smile.

“Loki, please please don’t read my mind. It’s too dirty, I will die of embarrassment!” I begged him.
” There are people who are worse” said Loki.

“Mr Loki , I am hungry.” I blurted out of no where.

” That’s weird. Why would you say…

Man conquered microbes a long time ago,
From TB and typhoid, died no more,
In drugs and pills, they found their cure
And used it often with the intention pure
Be it headache, mild cough, or sore throat,
The power of the pill, they overused,
Their use had turned into a misuse,
And then came in the resistance reports,
The tablets could protect them no more,
Arose , staph aureus , Moraxella catarrhalis
salmonella, shigella, streptococcus pyogenes
And slowly the chaos spread far and wide
And thousands and thousands of people died
Rules were discussed, policies were made
But the efforts were all fruitless, to no avail,
In drug use, they applied more restraint
But the timing wasn’t right, it was too late,
Cause the bacteria had already become resistant

I remember that moment when I finished writing the final words of my first novel, A Song of Swords and Dragons, how easily it came to me, how little resistance there was. It all just flowed and flowed and never stop, and thus I wrote my first book at 16.

But nowdays, although I have read a lot, have been exposed to so many genres, movies, stories, ideas, literary techniques and philosophies, I seem to arrive at a road block again and again.

I have started many stories, but have not finished them.

But how is it that I wrote…

As someone who comes from a spiritual background, for me the concept of self image doesn’t hold much form or substance.

We are essentially formless, shapeless spirits with total and complete freedom from all the worldly bondages. The feeling is liberating and energizing.

That’s cool and all, but we have to snap back to the world of forms images and materialism, and in here the idea of self image , personality and role model seems to play a vital role for our success and happiness.

Whenever I think of any successful person, what comes to mind is an ‘image’ around…

To be a good chess player means to have a good working memory, spatial memory, focus, attention, having the ability to sustain spatial calculations in your mind for prolonged periods of time. Of course, the more you play the game, the more patterns you start to develop and you develop a subconscious feel for a game, but for a pure beginner and for chess players of any level, the above mental faculties I mentioned is the ‘ground’ upon which the game is played.

Of course, the game of chess can also be abstract, due to the chess notations, but again…

As someone who loved mathematics and physics in my highschool years, I am writing this answer, however, I am mixing it up with physics although I am aware of the differences between them.

  1. Using mathematics, you could calculate the motion of the heavenly bodies.

2. You could calculate the trajectory, velocity, speed, acceleration, and so on of a projectile,

It’s not that Russia doesn’t have a good philosophical tradition, it’s that Germany has such a great philosophical tradition that only a few other countries can boast- Eg- Ancient Greece.

You said there is no “Russian Kant”, but what about English Neitzsche? Or French Hegel? Or Indian Schelling? Or Chinese Schopenhauer?

That is one way that I look at the question.

But here is another perspective.

You said there is no “Russian Kant” but here’s the thing. Every nation has its own intellectual tradition. Kant is just a developer of German Idealism which itself is rooted in the philosophy of…

Either there is a God, or there is no God.

Possibility 1 There is a God

If there is a God, then it doesn’t just mean that there is a God, it means that the world is far more magical, divine, plot-driven than it looks like.

And from outside, no matter who we are be it Atheists, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Agnostics, we in one way or tend to believe a God-like feature of the universe.

For eg- why do you think that there is the feeling of guilt? …

The short answer:- yes

The long answer:-

Just like any activity that will push you towards your physical limit will help you create muscles, any activity that pushes you towards your intellectual limit, is bound to make you smart. Studying is not a very easy, intellectually lazy task.

By the way, what is the meaning of smart? When do we call someone smart? …

Sameer Karkee

Amateur writer. Studying Medicine. Interested in philosophy, Science and any other fascinating idea that I come across. Believer of growth mindset.

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